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We provide consulting services in the following areas


IT Strategy & IT Operations

IT budgets continue to be reduced or remain unchanged while IT workload continues to increase.  Management continues to ask IT to be more efficient and to support new technologies, but additional funds are not often provided for training nor for support.   This pressure is forcing IT to take a closer look at their strategy and operations.  Is your current IT Strategy still viable in this new digital world?  Do you have enough staff with the right skills to support your current and your planned environment?  Are your staff performing to their potential or are they over- or under-stimulated?  Are they providing the support services your organization requires, and during the right times?  Are your IT roles and responsibilities allocated effectively, and are they clearly defined?  Is your team capable of recovering your technology environment after a significant failure?   

Management is demanding answers to these questions, but are your IT Managers and Directors able to objectively answer these questions, or are they too close to be objective?  

Let SNC Advisory Services Inc. help you answer these questions objectively.  With our extensive knowledge of technology and IT operations, we can help you to validate and fine tune your IT Strategy and we can help you to assess and realign your IT Operations, be it aligning staffing levels, documenting & streamlining operational processes or defining new support services and service levels.  


Infrastructure Assessment & Design

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with vendors introducing new products offering new features and capabilities on a monthly basis.   With this bombardment of technology, what are you to do?  Your technology is old and may be close to end of life.  Your servers are up for refresh.  Your data centre is crowded.  You have performance and capacity issues.  Your network seems to be slow.  Internet availability and performance is inconsistent.   Users are expecting systems to be highly available, almost 24x7x365.  You must implement a disaster recovery plan.  Your infrastructure team(s) cannot explain last week’s failure; they continue to tell you to replace/upgrade your network or server infrastructures.   Should you replace everything at once or in a piece meal fashion or not at all?  How will changes or additions to your infrastructure affect the rest of the environment and your data centre?  Should you upgrade to blade technology or implement high density 1U servers?  Would server virtualization or cloud computing be beneficial?   These decisions are becoming harder to make as they affect your IT Operations, data centre configuration and disaster recovery plans.  A decision in one area can have disastrous effects on another area.  

SNC Advisory Services Inc. can help you make these decisions as we know technology, operations, data centre design and disaster recovery.  We will work with your infrastructure and operational teams to document the issues and deficiencies and to develop practical recommendations for consideration.  


IT Outsourcing/Right Sourcing

Should you outsource or not outsource?  That's the question that  many Executives continue to ask their IT departments.  On the surface, the question seems simple to answer, but it can be a complicated journey to find the right answer.  There are many factors besides costs that influence the answer.  And, since each organization is different, what one organization does may not be right for you.

Don't let an outsourcer push you into an agreement using the cost savings argument.  Let SNC Advisory Services Inc. work with you and your executive team to find the right answer for your organization.

We can help you to:  

  • Conduct an outsourcing feasibility study to determine if outsourcing/right sourcing/co-location is a feasible option for your organization.
  • Develop and issue Requests for Information (RFI) or Requests for Proposal (RFP) for outsourcing or data centre services.
  • Review and interpret master  outsourcing agreements from an IT perspective.
  • Define meaningful and measurable IT service level  definitions and service level agreements.
  • Re-organize your IT organization and processes to complement an outsourced model.
  • Define and develop an appropriate outsourcer management function.
  • Manage the transition of your IT systems and  services to an outsourcer.

SNC Advisory Services Inc. has many years of experience working directly with global IT outsourcers such as IBM, EDS, CGI and Amdocs.  We understand how outsourcers operate and can help you avoid common mistakes made during the procurement and contract phases before it's too late.     


Data Centre & Facilities Assessment & Design

The foundation for providing reliable technology services to support business operations lies with well designed and properly configured data centres/computer rooms and technology rooms (i.e., hub rooms/wiring closets, telephone rooms, etc.).  A failure with one of these facilities can stop your business, and force you to execute an expensive, and disruptive, disaster recovery plan.

SNC Advisory Services Inc.  understands the importance of such facilities.  We have extensive hands-on experience assessing and designing data centres, hub rooms/wiring closets, telephone rooms, telecommunications rooms and technology labs.  We have worked on 24x7x365 data centres up to 10,000 square feet in size.

If you are worried about the longevity or the operational capabilities of your existing data centre and/or technology rooms, we can perform a facilities assessment to answer your questions.  Don't rush into building a new data centre or computer may not be needed!

If you are moving into new office premises or have decided to renovate your existing data centre and/or technology rooms, we can help you to design and provision these rooms to meet your technology requirements and to maximize IT Operations. Don't leave your critical IT requirements to the whims of your general contractor or your interior designer....engage us now before it's too late!


Data Centre & Technology Relocation

Congratulations on your decision to move your office and/or your data centre.  While that decision may have been a difficult and lengthy one to make, the real work is just beginning.

Although a data centre or technology move sounds simple, it is quite complex and requires a lot of time and attention to detail to properly plan and execute the move.  Technology move planning doesn't start a week before the move date - it starts when construction begins!

SNC Advisory Services Inc. has a long and successful track record of managing data centre and technology moves.  We have successfully moved many offices and data centres, including a 24x7x365 data centre for a financial information services company and a 24x7x365 US data centre for a global outsourcer.

We can help you to:    

  • Develop a move strategy and create move plan complete with appropriate contingency and back out plans.
  • Identify inter-dependencies and critical path(s).
  • Identify the IT resources required to support the move, at the pre-move, move and post-move phases.
  • Plan and manage the installation and testing of new voice and data  circuits and services.

When you engage SNC Advisory Services Inc. to assist you with your data centre or technology relocation, we are physically on site during all technology cutover activities to ensure co-operation amongst the various trades and service providers.

We do what is required for a successful technology move!  


Business Resilience

Today's executives understand that their business is dependent on technology, even if it is only email.  Recent world events, including health care issues continue to remind us that things can happen at a moment's notice which may prohibit your staff from working out of your offices or may result in the loss of your data centre or office space.

Do you have a plan in place to deal with these issues?  Does your plan address the symptoms (the "event") or does it address the impact that the event causes to your business operations?

Many organizations and many disaster recovery planning (DRP) consultants focus on creating plans that address the symptoms - this is the wrong approach.  You must address the impacts that an event causes.  By doing so, you will have a flexible and effective disaster recovery or business continuity plan (BCP) that is easy to maintain and that is symptom independent.

Let SNC Advisory Services Inc. help you with this vital initiative.  We have extensive experience assisting clients to design and implement disaster avoidance solutions into their IT infrastructure and into their data centre facilities.  We develop practical disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans that reflect your current IT operational processes and your current and planned IT infrastructure.  We not only develop disaster recovery plans from scratch, but we also review and critique existing plans to identify gaps that should be remediated.

Remember, the best disaster recovery plans are created by individuals who have in-depth knowledge in IT, systems implementation, IT Operations, IT infrastructure and data centre facilities.  Don't get short changed.  Demand these skills from your DRP/BCP consultant.  Experience counts, text book disaster recovery plans are often ineffective.  


Program & Project Management

IT departments continue to be asked to do more with less.  Projects never end and every project seems to be the number one priority.  IT departments continue to be stretched to the limit...they must perform their day-to-day tasks, they must troubleshoot & resolve operational problems and now they must manage and work on new projects.

Lax project management on small projects may be acceptable, but lax project management on large, business critical projects can be disastrous to your company.  Can you afford to have operational or audit issues?  Most IT departments can't.

We can help you.  We are experienced IT project managers, but more importantly, we are experienced risk management professionals.   We have managed many projects, from system deployments to technology acquisitions & implementation, to procuring outsourcing or data centre services to managing data centre and technology relocations.  We have managed teams comprised of client staff, external consultants and vendors.

Our experience with IT procurement, system implementation, IT infrastructure and testing make us value-add project managers...we do more than just update a project plan and report on progress; we deliver results!  We can spot and address issues before they become problems that impact the project. 

Why not leverage these skills for your next IT initiative?  


Governance, Risk and Compliance

We have extensive experience with governance, risk and controls compliance frameworks including working in roles within internal and external audit, third party reporting including CSAE 3416/SOC testing and Sarbanes-Oxley testing of internal controls over business and IT processes.  

We can help with:

  • cyber, technology and risk assessments
  • internal audit staff augmentation and project assistance
  • control and compliance reviews
  • pre-assessment audits
  • project management of audit and compliance reviews